Final Assignment

YaLa Academy Peace Institute in Honor of Nelson Mandela final project: Imagine what the MENA region would look like in 10 years, if peace was established today? How did it happen? What practices and institutions were put into place in order to establish this peace? Remember to draw on the skills we’ve learned from our lecturers throughout the semester. You can write a blog, make a video, write a song, create an infographic… Feel free to get creative!

By Menia Rim, Algeria

As the right to vote is repeatedly violated, peace is less prevalent in some of our societies. Often linked to freedom, an unconditional freedom. According to a saying which says that “Freedom is snatched, but not given” is also less prevalent than peace, which is the ultimate goal of individuals, and ensembles of individuals. But governments are plagued by a malaise called “politics”.

Let’s take this definition of peace as a common destiny – how to imagine the MENA region in 10 years if peace was established? This is not easy as a question, and the answer remains. In psychology, or in psychiatry, hallucinations are recognized, treated and inevitable. Peace is also recognized, treated and inevitable – it is anything but hallucinatory.

If peace is the common destiny of the entire MENA region, to go through one or many common institutions becomes an obligation. Let’s imagine an organization where the interests of the populations exceed those of the governments, and peace is a social ideal above all. This organism fits into and adapts to situations of wars, conflicts, and violence.

Man, in his existential quest has always sought security as a sign of prosperity. This organization has applied the law, and managed to put an end to civic, physical, and moral wars. Certainly, co-existence between groups of completely different individuals is not obvious, but HUMANITY will always end up winning. This was no longer a choice, but a necessity.

To see the Israeli in the arms of his Palestinian brother in the land of Jerusalem, the land of all humans, of all religions – the land of peace and incarnation of freedom. The Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, and others – people are no longer able to notice the differences between them, because peace became the only emblem, the only flag that flies. This organization has succeeded in destroying all social barriers and geographical limitations.

10 years in the future remains a figure – a number – but a number with a certain amount of hope, and above all, a will. To believe that what connects us is more important than what separates us, and that the malaise is treated. Peace becomes a responsibility, a choice, and a commitment. While time resumes the relay, and history resumes its line, PEACE IS HERE!

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