Peace in 2025

A Final Project for the YaLa Peace Institute: “What is your vision of the MENA region in the year 2025 (if peace were to be established today) building on what you have learned from the YaLa Peace Institute?”

by Saeid Al Tammari (Palestine)

I heard my father when I was 10 years old talking about peace between Israel and Palestine, and he said that we will have peace and we can live together. So I grew up with the idea that we will live together peacefully, but unfortunately I’m 32 years old now and it seems that things are worse. There are no bridges of peace. I see walls and no freedom for both sides – Israelis and Palestinians.

Now, with the new generation and more education on both sides, we are looking forward to having a new world with no guns and no violence.

That is what I hope to see in 2025. Palestine and Israel – one state with no borders with no walls. People with three religions living in one state, with the same rights and equalities. Here, we must teach our children how to accomplish this and how to trust each other. We have to learn from other nations who have suffered from fighting and conflict – they are the best examples of peacemakers.

In 2025, people will be able to travel and cross the border without passports, because the only passport we will need is one saying that we are human beings.

The year 2025 is not to far from now, and peace is easy to achieve if we want it – if we stop blaming each other. Yes, we will pay a price to make peace as Israelis and Palestinians, but that price cannot be our children and our blood. The price should be the land. Let’s share it and use it as two nations, peacefully. Here, we have learned from the experiences in South Africa, and from our teacher, our peacemaker and our leader, Nelson Mandela.


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