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5 Ways to Take Action with YaLa Young Leaders!

 1. Join YaLa Young Leaders or YaLa Africa by liking us on Facebook

2. Enroll in the YaLa Academy

3. Write a blog for YaLa Press

4. Spread the word on Twitter and Instagram

5. Subscribe to our newsletter

 Further Details and Information:

1. Join in Dialogue with us on Facebook: Like us at: www.facebook.com/YaLaYL or www.facebook.com/YaLaAfrica and select the option: “Add to Interests List” to make sure the newest content appears in your newsfeed. The best way to be part of our community is to check the page regularly and participate (commenting, liking, posting, sharing) in the ongoing dialogue with young people from all across the Middle East and Africa. This is your movement for peace – you have the power to create momentum one voice at a time! The most active members from the Facebook page will be invited to join the Core Leadership Group which guides the YaLa movement.

2. Study in the YaLa Academy: We are currently accepting applications for YaLa Academy’s Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism – a unique online training program which equips young people from across the Middle East and Africa (ages 17-36) with communication, journalism and new media skills to elevate their voices for peace and positive change: find out more and apply here.

3. Blog for YaLa Press: In a region where media is too often a tool for nationalism, division and fear, YaLa Press allows young people in the Middle East to express personal experiences, unique stories and complex realities on themes such as coexistence, identity, gender equality and much more! If you are interested in contributing a blog/photo-essay/video, please send an email to sarahp@yalayl.org.

4. Spread the Word on Twitter and Instagram: follow, favorite and retweet us on Twitter at @YaLa_YL and @YaLa_Africa and use the #yala in your own tweets. You can also follow us on Instagram at http://instagram.com/yalayoungleaders

5. Sign up for our newsletter: Click “Subscribe” on the very bottom of this webpage and fill in your name and contact details so that we can update you periodically on our activities through an electronic newsletter.