The MENA region after 10 years of peace

YaLa Academy Peace Institute in Honor of Nelson Mandela final project: Imagine what the MENA region would look like in 10 years, if peace was established today? How did it happen? What practices and institutions were put into place in order to establish this peace? Remember to draw on the skills we’ve learned from our lecturers throughout the semester. You can write a blog, make a video, write a song, create an infographic… Feel free to get creative!

By Nathan U. Oluchukwu, Nigeria

Ten years from now, if peace is established across the MENA region, I can only imagine the extent to which humanity will leap towards a whole new era of prosperity. Peace across the MENA region is peace for the world. Imagine how fast the world is flourishing now, technologically for example. If the whole world came together as one, with one single purpose, anything will be possible. Poverty and hunger, gender inequality, and human trafficking, which are statistically higher in war-torn countries, will all become history. Love is something that compels us to do the right thing, even when we feel hurt and pained physically, emotionally, or otherwise. Unconditional love, that love that causes you not to take revenge on a new born baby that decides to break wind, pee, or even poo on you after you’ve put on that sensational dress to gain the attention of your beloved. This type of love is what will become of a world without war. I see this coming, but only when you and I begin to see all humans as one race – the HUMAN race – and stop putting up divides that break us. Human Capital Development is also essential. The place of education in society today cannot be overemphasized. It is very rare to see a medical doctor on the street with munitions, actively engaged in chaotic activities or protest. If the masses are educated, they will be peaceful. Institutions that promote peace and equal distribution of wealth should be promoted at all cost. I think the world has a lot to learn from Rwanda. How they set up and were able to function independently, how they were able to achieve peace after genocide between two groups that have lived together for decades. It is amazing that they are able to continue living together afterwards.

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